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Venice Tourist Attractions

There are many fine attractions that are near Venice airport. This means that you can easily access them when you arrive at Venice airport. However, you must not forget to wonder along the canals which are of the key tourist track.

One the places that you need to see is Saint Mark’s Square which is Venice’s main square. It is surrounded by fancy shops and chic sidewalk cafes. It is a great place when you want to enjoy the sight of people and scenery. However, you need to pay a higher price in order to sit at a table that is outdoors. Live music is played in the evening. To walk in the Pizza and take photos is not charged. Saint Mark’s Basilica is a church that is beautiful and it features a blend of architecture belonging to West and East. The church consecration was in 832 AD.

The other tourist attraction that is near Venice airport is Doge’s Palace which is on St. Mark’s Square also. This building is the most impressive in Venice. This means that it is worth a tour. This was the judicial and political hub for the Venetian government before the Venetian republic’s fall in 1797. The “Bridge of sighs” which is famous, is the one that connected the place to its prison.

With regard to Grand Canal, it is Venice’s key thoroughfare. In addition to being lined with buildings that are beautiful, every kind of boat is found there.

Rialto Bridge is the main bridge that crosses the Grand Canal and it crosses in the central part of Venice. The bridge has been there for more than 400 years. It is close to Rialto Market which is food market that is not only lively, but interesting. The market also has many little shops. The food market is interesting because of the cultural aspect is related to food. The islands are not filled with grocery stores or vegetable gardens. Real veterans shop for food supplies from here. The ordinary folks restaurateurs come to this market also when they need to stock their kitchens. The market is regarded to as fish market although fruits and vegetables are also sold in it. If you do not want just to window shop, avoid handling any merchandise before paying for it. You are expected to point at what you intend to purchase, the venders chooses on your behalf and then he bags it for you.

Among the beat art museums near Venice airport in Italy is Galleria del’Accademia. It has 24 rooms and they are found within 3 historic buildings. To avoid being caught up in crowds, you need get there early.

There are a number of top islands in Venice that you can visit when you arrive at Venice airport. Among the islands that enjoy a wide popularity include Burano owes its fame to lace and colorful houses, and Murano for glass making. The best part about Murano Island is that you have opportunity to watch a demonstration that of glass-blowing in nature. The tricky part is that because of the high number of tourists that are attracted by it. You will see glass sculpture or glass-blowing being demonstrated and many people have never seen this. In addition to being educational, it is entertaining.

By use of an elevator, you can get to Campanile’s top part. You will need to purchase a ticket at a small fee. This way, you will have a great view of both St. Mark’s Basilica and St. Mark’s Square. One of the interesting things is that you will have a good view of is the big bells. When you get to Venice airport, there are many attractions that are close to it and they will leave great memories in your mind.