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Venice Airport Arrivals

The main area for arrivals of Venice airport is on the ground floor for the terminal. Both international and domestic airlines serve this airport and these airlines fly to from numerous destinations passing through passport control is a must for passengers from countries that are non-Schengen. The operation is carried out by Italian Frontier Police.

Before you leave the arrival area at Venice Airport, remember to reclaim your luggage. The luggage labels are crucial and you must check them, as way of confirming that you have not carried someone else’s luggage. Close to the reclaim area are the trolleys and must pay one euro for a trolley to be released from the bay. When you return it, the euro that you had paid is refunded. You can return the trolley near the bus stage or harbor.

If you lose any luggage, you must report to the company that is responsible for handling Lost and Found. Upon reporting, you have to fill up a claim form whereby you must describe the luggage that you have lost. When the luggage cannot be traced in a short while the next step is contacting the airline so that you can be refunded with an amount that is equal to the value of the essentials that you need. If the luggage is found later, a courier is used to deliver it to a specific address or you can collect it personally. In case your luggage is damaged, our claims will be accepted by the offices for Lost and Found. They will give you a contact address through which they can settle the damage that you have incurred.

There are special services at the arrivals that cater for disabled travelers in Venice Airport. There is a company that provides such travelers with the special assistance that they need. Such individuals should let the airline to be aware of their needs during reservation. This way, qualified airport staff will provide them with the care that they need.