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Venice Airport Departures

Venice airport has a new and an older terminal. The new one is modern and impressive. Many international and domestic flights serve the airport while the number of airlines is also large.

It is advisable for passenger to arrive at least 2 hours prior to the time for taking off when their destination is an international one. For domestic flights, it should be at least an hour before. In case you intend to arrive at the airport using public transport, you need to be aware of the amount of time that it will take you. The aim is for you to arrive in good time. In case you have a car, allocate time for finding suitable parking because there are times when the parking areas are so busy.

At Venice airport, the area for departure is on the first floor within the terminal building and you can access it using the escalator or lift. The check-in desks form a long row and the counters are according to flights. Above the counter, there is the electronic sign that displays flight information for the assigned flight. You can see the details two hours prior to the departure of the flight. The SAVE desk for information is situated near the offices for ticketing and they provide the necessary assistance.

For travelers who are disabled, and need special assistance as they depart from Venice airport, they need to let the airline know about their needs as they reserve the flight ticket. This way, they will be assisted by qualified airport members as they go through areas like check-in, and through security procedures.

Once passengers pass security points, the next place is the secured departure area. Some of the facilities that they are able to access include cafés, bars, and shops. In addition to the area being well-lit, it is modern and has many seats.