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Venice Airport Car Hire

Venice airport is situated in Italy and it is serves a number of international car hire companies. This includes Hertz, National, Europcar, Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Sixt. Just as car rental conditions differ from one country to another in some ways, the different companies also have some differences in terms of terms of renting a car. Therefore, before you make any reservation, you need to look into the terms of renting a car in Italy, and those of different companies. This way, you will be able to choose the company that will meet your needs.

One of the major reasons why people opt to rent a car at Venice airport is that they want to travel using a mode of transport that offers them freedom and flexibility. However, if you fail to pay attention to the car rental conditions that apply, you will have complications, yet renting a car is more expensive than using a train, bus or a taxi.

To avoid inconveniences when you arrive at the airport, the car rental companies encourage their clients to make the booking in advance, which is before they leave home. If you fail to make the booking in advance, you may be forced to start moving from one company to another looking for the one that meets your needs and the one whose rates match your budget.

The advantage with making the booking ay Venice airport in advance is that you will have the opportunity to state the car type that you want, you will also be able to enquire the rates in advance and other details that you need before making the reservation. Before making the reservation, you can visit the internet and compare the rates of different companies. It is important to call the companies to enquire about other additional charges, this is because there are times when you will be provided with rate and later you are presented with more charges like fuel charges, taxes, airport fees, and other fees. Eventually you end up paying an amount that is more than double of what you expected.

Note that many of the European countries, most of the rental cars have manual transmissions. However, those with automatic transmissions are also available. By reading the fine print, you will know the kind of car that you are being provided with at Venice airport. Cars with automatic transmissions are way more expensive when compared to those with manual transmissions.

When you have presented the right documents at the pickup station and the car is presented to you, there are times when it will be car type that you are not used to. Make sure that you familiarize with it. Know where everything is and drive around to ensure that you are comfortable with it before joining the traffic. Inspect the car for any damages and in case there is, report to the car rental agent in form of writing. If you just drive off, you may have to pay for the repair because it will be assumed that you are the one who caused the damage.

There are people that assume that paying for rental insurance is wastage of money. However, the truth is that when you have signed the contract with the rental company, you assume the full responsibility for the car. In case of any accident or damage, you are responsible. If you have the right rental insurance cover, you will be relieved from bearing the financial burden alone. Again, it is cheaper to pay for the rental insurance than the financial burden that you will have when you cause an accident or damage.

Remember to pay attention to terms of returning the car at Venice airport to avoid paying additional fees.