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Venice Airport Trains

Within Venice airport, there is no railway station. In Venice, there are main train stations but you must take a bus to get to them. From the key bus services at Venice airport, you can travel to the Mestre Railway Station, and Santa Lucia Railway Station. In Venice, the main station is Santa-Lucia Station which 8 minutes walk when you are at Piazzale Rome. The trains have their destinations as every major city in Italy. Fast trains go to Milan, Florence, and Rome. To get to Piazzale Rome using a bus, you need half an hour only. When you use the Actv bus or ATVO bus from the airport, you will be able to get to this station. Likewise, when you arrive to Italy using these trains, you can get to the airport using these buses.

Using the two bus services that serve Venice airport, you can get to the airport using them from the railway station called Mestre-Venice. From this rail station, you will find trains that go to every other part of the country.

In Italy, you will find both local and national trains. The international ones are the high-speed trains. Some of the trains that travel to Venice offer different sleeping options. Train tickets are available from the station’s ticket offices. You can also utilize the automatic ticket dispensers. Regardless of the part of Italy that you are in and you intend to get to Venice airport; it is easy because you only need to board any of the two bus services when you arrive at Venice. If you have no luggage, you can use Actv buses since they have no storage for luggage. If you have heavy luggage or many suitcases, ATVO is the best option because the air buses have compartments that will hold your luggage even if it is heavy.