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Driving Directions

When using the car, the fastest way for you to get to Venice Airport is A4. In Venice, the Location of the airport is close to Campalto and Tessera. When you are at A4 Autostrada, you can use the bypass to get to the airport. When you join Mestre bypass, you will find signs showing the way to the airport. After driving for like 6KM, turn right before joining the main road labeled as SS14 Triestina. After about 3000 meters, you only need to turn off to get to the airport.

If using the main road, when you get to A4, the first exit is the one to take. At the roundabout, follow Venice SS11 and after 5 KM, turn right so that you can take SS14 Triestina. This is situated at the San Giuliano roundabout. To the right hand side is the API petro station and Hotel Ramada. When you pass Tessera and Campalto, you will see signs that indicate Venice airport.

When using a car, you need to ensure that you arrive at Venice airport way earlier in that you should allocate time for getting an appropriate space to park the car. The reason is that there are times when the parking lot is so busy such that finding an appropriate place to park the car is not easy.

You may park the car on short or long term bases, depending on the one that is convenient for you. If you are travelling for long, you may pay for the parking on monthly or weekly basis. For short term, it also depends on the duration of time you are travelling for and if it less than a week, the rates that you pay will be calculated as per day.

Travelling using a car to Venice airport is very convenient because you will not make any unnecessary stop along the way.

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