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Venice Airport Parking

At Venice airport, there are numerous parking options and it is up to you to decide whether you want long-term or short term services. Your choice should be determined by your convenience. The parking areas include undercover areas, open-air parking areas, and garage parking. The parking areas are found as you drive towards the airport as you turn off SS14 Triestina. Passenger can be picked up or dropped off at the new terminal building’s front.

Short-term parking is directly at the new terminal building’s front. You only need to drive straight and go past the 2 roundabouts before turning left. The first road that is to the left prior to reaching the terminal is the one to take. Within this parking area, there is the two cash points and another within the terminal building.

Long-term parking areas and there are a number of them that available. The P1 areas are near the older terminal. You need to drive beyond the two roundabouts as well as the road that leads to new terminal. When you follow the road that is to left, what see are the parking areas. You will also find a pay desk and cash point.

Speedy Park is the areas between terminal buildings. Long-term parking areas number 2 and 3 are close to new terminal. The tow areas are uncovered.

There is also the Motorboat parking for passengers who arrive using boats. There is an area where they can dock, at the parking. They only need to walk for up to ten minutes when they arrive at Venice airport using boats.

There is the parking lot that is for the disabled only. the parking is available in all parking areas. The parking space for such drivers is near the elevators, and near the entrance.

The other parking within Venice airport is the hotel parking.