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Venice Airport Transfers & Taxis

Venice is a city that is considered to be amazing because the way that is most convenient is water transport. Instead of using public ferry, they prefer the water taxis which are more expensive. Land taxis are also available. Shared taxis are available and among other advantages, they are more economical.

Venice water taxis are significantly expensive compared to the public boasts. When you need to arrive at Venice airport in way that is glamorous and romantic, these are the best option. These taxis have cabins that are spacious, leather seats, as well as open-air sitting. With the help of the private captain passengers are able to arrive at the airport in style. Instead of hiring one privately, it is more economical when people opt to share it.

The fares for using a water taxi are paid to boat driver. For safety purposes, ensure that the boat that you use is licensed. In addition to the yellow strip, the license number is displayed on both sides.

The water taxis and Alilaguna Ferry are within an up to 10 minutes walk to Venice airport terminal. For you to locate the pier, move to arrival terminal’s outer area, before turning left. As the sidewalk of the terminal ends, there is the walkway that leads to the pier. Porter service is significantly expensive. This means that the best option is get a trolley for your luggage, or carry your luggage. As you wait for a water taxi or within the boat pier is the café.

For you to use water taxis, there is the ticket booth for you to purchase it from at the arrivals hall in Venice airport. At boat pier, there is the Alilaguna booth for you to purchase the ticket from too. If you get from the ticket from a conductor, you pay an extra euro.