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Venice Airport Buses

The main bus services that you can use in order to get to Venice airport are two, and this are Express Coaches and public Actv buses. The buses connect the airport to Piazzale Rome, and the railroad Station.

With ATVO express coaches, they are blue in color and they take 20 minutes to get to the airport from Piazzale Roma. Between the departure are and the arrivals terminal is where the bus stop is situated.

ATVO fly buses come with a luggage compartment that is underneath. This means that they are convenient for passengers who are travelling to the airport with heavy luggage or those with many suitcases. To use this bus to Venice airport, one need to purchase tickets at ATVO bus terminal D2 bus bay is where buses depart from. These buses are also convenient when you want to travel to any other destination, as well as from the airport, whereby the bus departs every half an hour.

With ATVO Bus Services, the buses are orange in color and they operate from 4am to midnight. At the arrival terminal’s front, you will find the bus stop. These buses have no area for storing luggage. Compare to ATVO buses, these ones take longer and it is cheaper. You only need to purchase a ticket to be able to use services in order to get to the airport. Before you board the bus, the bus ticket that you have bought has to be stamped using the stamping machine that is located near the bus stop. Compared to hiring a taxi or renting a car, using a bus is cheaper.

The buses travel to different destinations and whether you luggage ore not should determine the means that you use to get to the airport. Remember to pay attention to the timing of the buses so that you can arrive at Venice airport on time.