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Europcar Venice Airport

Europcar car hire is among the international car hire companies that you will find at Venice airport. With Europcar, you can make the booking online. By visiting the website of this company, you will be provided with the rates of different categories. You will also find car rental conditions that apply to car rentals in Italy, and car rental terms that apply to the company only.

Considering that renting a car is expensive, you need to avoid complications by ensuring that you understand all the terms and the ones that are not clear, you can call the customer care representative for clarification. This way, you will be able even to avoid some fines like those that come with returning the car late.

Before you make the reservation at Venice airport, one of the key factors that you must consider is the number of people that you are travelling with and the size of your luggage. If you are travelling alone, you may opt for a car of a small model which is to your advantage because it will not consume much fuel as a larger car.

You are allowed to drop the car at a different location than the one that you picked it from. If you had rented the car for a period that is less than one week, you need to pay one-way fee. If you rent for more than a week, you will not be charged the one-way fee. However, if you are travelling across border and you are not able to return the car to the pick-up location, the one-way fees are high.

If you are not sure of the exact address that you are travelling to, you will need to order for a map in advance at Venice airport. Alternatively, you can order for GPS system that will guide you in terms of direction.